Cape Margaret Sauvignon Blanc 2016


The wine delights the mouth with a burst of fruit that rolls through the palate with fınesse, showing a multi layered texture that can only be derived from Sauvignon Blanc. A hint of youthful acidity delicately cleanses the palate on the fınish.Inspired by the great whites of Bordeaux, the aromas of this perfect blend typify the style offering citrus, lemon grass and honeydew melon notes. Brilliant very pale straw colour with a faint tinge of green on the edges and watery hue. The nose displays top notes of unripe gooseberry and unripe passionfruit followed by some citrus with herbaceous grassy overtones. The palate has flavours of unripe passionfruit, green apple and citrus with some underlying light herbaceous pencil shavings characters. Clean crisp very dry finish with aftertaste of unripe passionfruit, green apple and some herbaceous pencil shaving characters. The combined elements of a cool maritime climate, gravelly sandy loam soil and superb growing conditions all come together in perfect harmony to solidify Margaret River as Australia’s premium wine producing region.Thanks to the trial and error of pioneers over the generations, Cape Margaret is able to secure fruit from the region’s very best sites. We pride ourselves on delivering the unique essence of Margaret River in each and every bottle of Cape Margaret Wine.



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