Clover Hill Tasmania Cuvee MULTI VINTAGE


Historically Clover Hill has followed a traditional pathway of vintage and non-vintage Methode Traditionnelle sparkling wines. But are forging a new path.

We believe the most critical elements of sparkling wine are distinctive styles, consistently produced which enables consumers to develop a deep understanding and trust in our brand.

Multi-Vintage is a story of complexity in our base wines. Across vintages we use four different techniques to hold reserve wines, giving our winemakers more creative freedom, resulting in more expressive wines. Our reserve wine approach preserves freshness and character and provides our winemaking team with the ultimate conditions to deliver our house style.

Our Multi-Vintage philosophy is an expression of place, house style and consistency. Blending the best vintages and wine making techniques to build complexity and harmony for outstanding, consistent cuvees each year. Exceptionnelle the epitome of the Clover Hill House style.

Ultimately, we want to share the beauty, elegance, and complexity of sparkling wines with those who choose to discover them.


Tasmania (95pts Top 100JH)






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