Quilty and Grandsen Rose 2023



WINEMAKING: The fruit was destemmed and the juice drained directly off skins, keeping only the free-run juice as we wanted a lighter-bodied style with a light blush colour. The juice was clarified before undergoing fermentation at a cool temperature to promote a more aromatic style of wine. Fermentation was stopped just prior to being finished, giving us the small amount of residual sugar and the higher level of dissolved CO2 that both occur naturally in the wine. Stabilised and very quickly prepared for bottling so we could release the wine young and fresh.

HARVEST: March 2023

BOTTLED: June 2023

AROMA: Fresh strawberries and rose petals.

PALATE: Elegant and dry. Savoury red fruit flavours and a crisp finish.

SERVE WITH: Lightly flavoured Mediterranean or Asian seafood dishes, a crispy Salmon rice bowl with seasonal vegetables.


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