Taltarni Dynamic Pinot Noir 2021


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The Taltarni ‘Dynamic’ range of wines represents the style, taste, and artistic expression of our winemakers.

Sourcing grapes from the Coal River for this cool-climate Pinot Noir, the wine is a great expression of the variety and region. With good weather conditions, the fruit was harvested to attain optimal varietal flavours and structural components to best represent the region.


Hand-picked, the fruit was kept separate, with 25% whole bunches were loaded into small open-top fermenters. The fruit was allowed to cold soak for 4 days before naturally warming up and initiating fermentation. French oak boards were used to submerge the ferment, gently extracting the rich flavour of the grape skin without extracting hard tannins. Once completed, the ferments were drained and gently pressed to old French oak barrels where malolactic fermentation took place.  After 6 months of maturation, each barrel was assessed, and the wine was blended.

Region: Tasmania 100%
Variety: Pinot Noir 100%

A rich aroma of cherry and cloves is underpinned by a soft savouriness. This depth of aroma transitions seamlessly to the medium to light-bodied wine, with flavours of red forest fruits and ripe cherries being balanced with a soft yet persistent strawberry flavour. The wine is refined by the aged French oak, producing a mouth-filling wine that still retains a crispness that lingers in a long finish.


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