Cantina Di Ora Valpolicella Ripasso


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The wines retain the vibrancy, freshness and value of traditional Valpolicella, while imparting additional flavor and body. Their medium body and complex flavor profile make these wines a great pairing with a wide range of foods such as grilled meats, hearty pasta and strong cheeses. Ripasso della Valpolicella is a red wine from the Veneto region of Italy. The wine is produced by putting Valpolicella Classico under a second fermentation by adding the skins remaining from Amarone and Recioto production. This winemaking process imparts additional complexity, tannin, body, and slightly higher alcohol to the wine. Both the body and price point of this wine are somewhere between a Valpolicella Classico and a true Amarone. Ripasso wines are more approachable on both the palette and the wallet!  Ripasso della Valpolicella is a wine based on the Corvina grape, with the addition of Rondinella and Molinara rounding out the blend. In 2009, Ripasso della Valpolicella received its own DOC designation, along with its cousin, Amarone. In fact, they are sometimes known as “baby Amarone.”


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