Hancock & Hancock Shiraz Grenache 2020


This delicious red wine is a blend of two varieties: 73% Shiraz and 27% Grenache, harvested from vineyards in the McLaren Vale district. Typically, Shiraz wines display an abundance of fruit sensation that is complemented by warm alcohol and gripping tannins. Grenache, on the other hand, contributes its classic, bright raspberry/strawberry flavours, juicy palate and medium to high level of alcohol. The bouquet teems with dominating scents of ripe plums and spice from the Shiraz strain, while the addition of floral notes and ripe cherry tannins from Grenache make the combination superb.  The front palate is treated to flavours of red berries, black currants, tea and chocolate. A lovely lightness on the back palate leads to a satisfying finish. This is a medium to full bodied wine with taut acidity and hard tannins. Cellaring for a few years will add further layers of flavour. This blend goes well with braised beef cheeks, slow-cooked roast of pork or lamb, Moroccan tagine dishes (slow-cooked savoury stew), and aged cheeses.  






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