Josef Chromy Estate Sparkling Rose NV


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Our winemaking style is founded on producing wines that show a true ‘sense of place’ and celebrate the individual characteristics of each vintage. To ensure the integrity and delicate characteristics of the fruit, the grapes are received and vinified in Tasmania’s most advanced winery, employing state-of-the-art technology for traditional winemaking techniques. 

It is the careful attention to detail from vine to glass that is paramount to optimizing wine quality and giving the wines their point of difference. Working hand in hand, the vineyard team, led by Viticulturists Steve Ferguson and Kellie Graham , and winery team, led by Chief Winemaker Ockie Myburgh, plan for balance of fruit flavour, natural acidity, tannin, structure and texture. Every effort is made in the vineyard so that minimal intervention is required in the winery, allowing the subtle and delicate flavours of our cool climate vineyard to be expressed to their full potential.


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