Majella Malleea Cabernet Shiraz 2015


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After prompting from many of our peers, we bit the bullet back in 1991 and made up 600 cases or so of Shiraz.
It hit the market in 1993 and was received exceptionally well…

Nearly 25 years later, we’re still committed to producing wines of an extremely high standard.

“The Malleea” by Majella continues the great Australian tradition of
Cabernet Sauvignon/Shiraz blends.
“Malleea”, an Aboriginal term meaning “green paddock” is a great descriptor for the green, lush pastures and vineyards of the limestone coast region in the South Eastern portion of South Australia.
First made in 1996, and only produced when growing conditions are perfect for producing premium quality wines.


Aging Potential: 20 years plus

Winemaker: Bruce Gregory and Michael Marcus




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