Rouleur Whole Bunch Mataro 2019


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This was more an experimental wine for us, keeping it simple, low fuss and lot’s of fun as always.

Our 2019 Mataro comes from the exceptional Springs Hill vineyard, high on Blewitt Springs in McLaren Vale. Fruit was 100% handpicked and sorted back at the winery before tipping to two 2000L pots for fermentation. Each open fermenter was half filled, footstomped then the remaining whole bunches were tipped on top and left alone with a blanket of Co2 and tarpaulin.

Within 2 days, wild fermentation had commenced. After 8 days, one pot was pressed off while still warm to retain fruitfulness and avoid excessive (rachis) tannin pick-up. The second pot was pressed after 14 days on skins and both parcels were kept separate in tank until dryness.

In barrel, the wine ticked through MLF, was lightly sulphured and given a quick rack and return during winter. After 9 months maturation, our small batch Mataro was bottled without fining and only light filtration.

Being 100% whole bunch, this wine is naturally stemmy without being hard or herbal. There’s abundant plum-like fruit over licks of red current, polished boot leather and cooking spice.

The palate is mid-weight, sappy and sour – dark, plush and meaty at the same time. The tannins are upfront and integrated, while the fruit is jubey and glides without effort.

Alc Vol 13.6  PH 3.54  TA 5.45




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