Seppeltsfield The Northing Barossa Shiraz 2019


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Our ‘Grounds’ releases are a study of the Barossa’s regional hero – Shiraz. Grown on single vineyard sites across the patchwork of the Barossa, our releases look to express the differences in locale of where our fruit is farmed. As our interpretation of Barossa ‘terroir’, our Grounds releases look to apply a beguiling simplicity for what in European terms is often complicated and complex idea of the relationship between geography, geology, climate and history.

Our 2019 ‘The Northing’ Barossa Shiraz is a single vineyard wine, from the a single vineyard from the Marananga parish of the Northern Grounds. The vineyard is planted on red brown earth shot with ironstone in the protected basin that is Marananga on the north western ridge of the Barossa.

A brooding and tightly wound Shiraz that will unfurl its complete depth and plush-ness with time. Benchmark ‘Modern’ Barossa Shiraz.

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