Seppeltsfield Bench Blends EC403 Barossa Grenache Shiraz Mataro 2020


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Well known and loved blend ‘No. EC403’ borrows from the legacy of the earliest of East Cellar bottlings in the 1960s, and brings together the traditional combination with 45% Grenache, 30% Shiraz and 25% Mataro.

The Grenache for ‘No. EC403’ hails from Seppeltsfield’s ‘Great Terraced Vineyard’ on the western side of the Seppeltsfield estate. The Shiraz is made up of two components, a parcel grown on Seppeltsfield’s ‘VBlock’ Vineyard in the western part of the valley and a parcel grown on Seppeltsfield’s ‘Chook Block’ in the Southern part of the valley. The Mataro was sourced from a grower vineyard on the western ridge.
The East Cellar code itself was a unique reference to where the wines were rested and matured in oak barrels prior to release.




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