Wild Oats Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2022


Overview: From the Robert Oatley Vineyards collection, Wild Oats is a toast to Bob Oatley and his passion f or sailing and adventure. The ‘Wild Oats’ name came about as an endearing nickname given to a young Bob Oatley by his close friends while growing up on Sydney’s northern beaches. A passionate sailor from a very early age, the water had a magnetic attraction for Bob. Before long he found himself afloat in a flimsy, canvas-covered canoe, bought from a school mate, with a garden stake for a mast, cut up bed linen for a sail and a makeshift rudder over the back. As Bob said:

“I might have been only meters from the beach, but as far as I was

concerned, I was conquering the world’s oceans”.

And over time he did just that. The Wild Oats name adorned the hull of 10 yachts owned and raced by Bob over the years as he carved out a serious reputation in the world of sailing alongside his other lifelong successful pursuit – wine making. The Wild Oats name today is proudly emblazoned on t he hull of ‘Wild Oats XI’, one of t he worlds most adored racing yachts and an Australian icon following a record six wins in the ‘Bluewater classic’ – the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race.




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