Willows Cabernet Sauvignon 2019


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Planted in 1968 by 5th generation Dr. W.H `Bert` Scholz. Our Cabernet block is grown over deep alluvial soil in a loop of the North Para River. This vineyard, shaded by eucalypts, with cool gully breezes that follow the river down from the hills, nestled in the bend exhibits all the hall marks of `terroir`.

The vineyard grows along the banks of the North Para River and the fruit is harvested late in the season when the flavours are fully developed, tannins are ripe and sugar levels high. Vineyard specific fruit characters of mint and a touch of Eucalypt are the hallmarks of this Barossa cabernet. Exhibiting the richness and warmth of fruit one would expect from the region, this is a wine of great varietal flavour, combining stylish fruit characters along with rich chocolate hints which are typically associated with good Barossa Reds. Extended maturation in French Oak hogsheads over two years has helped create a long, soft, silky texture. The palate`s complexity of black fruits, integrated oak and fine ripe tannins combine to make this a wine of immediate appeal, or enjoy thru next 10 years.


Barossa Valley






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